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Brewing with Propane No More: Natural Gas Conversion

While I have been brewing with the Grainfather (all electric) for the past year, I’ve seen both a need and desire to go back to brewing on a burner occasionally. One of the biggest frustrations with regular burner brewing is making sure you have enough propane on hand to finish the job. We recently moved to Texas, and the home we bought has a natural gas bib under the covered patio = perfect time to convert from propane to natural gas.

Recipe and Brew Day: Oatmeal Stout

I brewed an Oatmeal Stout with a first time brewer – my cousin Luke, when he came to visit for an extended weekend. We did an all grain brew and he got to jump in on all the fun parts of brewing (mashing, boiling, sampling home-brews throughout the process) while avoiding the not so fun parts: cleaning equipment!

Ranco Electronic Temperature Controller

I just picked up my second Ranco Electronic Temperature Controller (ETC-111000). I bought the first soon after I started brewing, to brew my first lager. Last year it was installed in my keezer, which means fermentation temperatures have been mostly uncontrolled (which has an impact on final taste). So, we have a small freezer we […]

Review (Updated): Blichmann Beer Gun

Sanitize Your Beer Gun

One of the best decisions I made (about a year after starting my brewing hobby) was to move from traditional bottling to kegging my brews. Kegging is so much easier than bottling, because you clean and sanitize a 5 gallon keg instead of lots of 12oz/16oz bottles. You can also fine tune your carbonation levels, whereas with bottle conditioning whatever level you prime at, you are stuck with. But, this isn’t a post on kegging (maybe I’ll do one of those in the future), this is my review of the Blichmann Beer Gun, a stainless steel device used to bottle beer off a keg.

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