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Fermentation Chamber Build

I have a chest freezer that I’ve been using for a fermentation chamber for some time now, but it is small and has a shelf in the bottom which only gives me room for one carboy/brew bucket with a blowoff tube (not enough clearance for a air lock). Applying a collar, similar to what I did with my keezer build, I build a fermentation chamber which will fit two carboys/buckets, and it took me less than a few hours.

Brew Day: Pliny the Elder (Double IPA) Clone

Like hops?!  This beer has lots of them, and is a ‘clone’ recipe of the Pliny the Elder double IPA (Russian River Brewing), which has been voted the #1 craft beer in America for the last several years.  I brewed this over a week ago, and just “racked” (transferred) to secondary today in order to […]

Black Friday Deal: Ever Thought About Brewing Your Own?

Northern Brewer is running a Black Friday special: buy an IPA recipe kit and a brew kettle, and you get a basic brewing kit (fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, and more) for free. And, since you get another free recipe kit with your starter kit, you get all the equipment you need and your first two brews.

Creating a Yeast Starter Using the Shake Method (and why we do it)

Tonight I made a yeast starter for a honey porter I’m getting ready to brew with an estimated original gravity (OG) of 1.054.  Yeast starters are important when it comes to high(er) gravity beers, because if you pitch (the term used to add yeast to your unfermented beer) a yeast pack without enough yeast cells […]

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