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Tips, techniques, and suggestions to hone your craft brew skills.

Brewing with Propane No More: Natural Gas Conversion

While I have been brewing with the Grainfather (all electric) for the past year, I’ve seen both a need and desire to go back to brewing on a burner occasionally. One of the biggest frustrations with regular burner brewing is making sure you have enough propane on hand to finish the job. We recently moved to Texas, and the home we bought has a natural gas bib under the covered patio = perfect time to convert from propane to natural gas.

Fermentation Chamber Build

I have a chest freezer that I’ve been using for a fermentation chamber for some time now, but it is small and has a shelf in the bottom which only gives me room for one carboy/brew bucket with a blowoff tube (not enough clearance for a air lock). Applying a collar, similar to what I did with my keezer build, I build a fermentation chamber which will fit two carboys/buckets, and it took me less than a few hours.

Creating a Yeast Starter Using the Shake Method (and why we do it)

Tonight I made a yeast starter for a honey porter I’m getting ready to brew with an estimated original gravity (OG) of 1.054. ¬†Yeast starters are important when it comes to high(er) gravity beers, because if you pitch (the term used to add yeast to your unfermented beer) a yeast pack without enough yeast cells […]

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