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IMG_4568I’m a husband, father, runner, fisher, pilot, drummer, bad golfer, and brewer. I like to watch football, drive jeeps, exercise and drink [good] beer, although not always in that order. I’m a strong believer in God, Family, Country, and believe we could solve a lot of our problems if we all lived by these same priorities.

Although I have a lot of interests, I enjoy creating my own brews, some of which turn out great, and some of which don’t. Although most of my beers lately have been all grain, which gives me greater control and creativity over flavor, color, and aroma, I still enjoy extract brewing because it still lends itself to creativity, and shortens the brew day. I’ve brewed ales and lagers, and enjoy the wide variety of tastes of ales, but lean towards the crisp finish to lagers. That being said, most of my brews and recipes are ales due to the short turnaround and easier fermentation (due to higher temps).

This is my “beer” blog – where I hope to journal some of my triumphs and failures in brewing, share recipes, talk about equipment, review commercial beers, and talk about other unrelated things. If you have suggestion I welcome them, and hope you find something here interesting and come back to see whats on tap.

* The Brew Haus (my home) brews less than 200 gallons per year, as required by law….


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  1. Hey guy. Saw your note about Fat Tire on the 14th. Was it by chance at the Black and White Beer Ball in Santa Rosa? If so, I was pouring for Lost Coast right next to their ‘booth’. Are you from around Santa Rosa?

    1. I wish I was in California the other day! I’m in Washington DC, but would love to spend some time in Cali given the cold weather/snow we’ve gotten this winter

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