Brew Day: Apricot Blonde Ale – A Summer Favorite


Blonde Ale - brew day.

Blonde Ale – brew day.

Apricot extract - added at bottling.

Apricot extract – added at bottling.

I re-brewed last years Apricot Blonde Ale recipe, because it is such a good beer to drink during the hot months of Virginia’s summer. I kegged it a few days back and tried a sample today, and the results are outstanding. This is a very light beer (not at all in line with the IPA’s or double IPA’s I tend to brew), with just enough hop during the boil to balance the malt bill (a very light bill I might add). The result is a very light beer, which could be very sessionable on it’s own, but with the apricot puree (added during fermentation) and extract (added during bottling/kegging) – this makes for a great fruit beer that is not at all overpowering, but easy to drink. In fact, this is one of those beers that keep you coming back for another!

This year I brewed this as a BIAB, andĀ if you are interested in brewing it I posted the recipe here last year.

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  1. How many volumes of CO2 did you carbonate to?

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