Sweet Stout Review

IMG_3387I recently kegged 3 gallons of my Milk of the Poppy sweet stout.  I’ve had a few glasses, and this is one of my favorite beers to date.  It’s a dark beer with plenty of sweetness from the 3/4lbs of lactose.  This stout, brewed according to the recipe, is a winner, but I didn’t want to stop there.  I’ve put 2 gallons aside into secondary to experiment with some additional flavor profiles.

The first gallon, I racked onto part of a vanilla bean, and the bear is going through secondary and hopefully getting a little bit of a vanilla taste to it.

For the second gallon, I toasted 2oz. of coconut, put that in a grain bag, and the coconut is now ‘steeping’ in the beer in secondary, which should give some toasted coconut hints to the taste.

If you like stouts, brew this beer (the recipe is located here); this is one I’ll consider entering into competitions in the spring (along with my NoVA Robust Porter).  I’ll let you know how the bottles in secondary turn out after they age a bit.

IMG_3370IMG_3353This beer was named after the Song of Ice and Fire books (aka Game of Thrones – which I’m reading) after the concoction used to alleviate the pain from significant physical wounds.  Geeky I know, but appropriate?



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