Time Lapse Video: Cream Stout Fermentation

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I decided to do a time lapse video of the cream stout I just brewed during the first 5 days of fermentation (1 minute snapshots). You can read the brew day post here.  This was a higher gravity beer (1.062) and I used a 2L Wyeast 1084 (Irish Ale) yeast starter. Notice the plastic shower curtain underneath in the event this thing went off!

Initially things start to bubble, then the yeast really take off and you’ll see a period of lots of bubbling in the glass carboy, as well as in the sanitized water just behind the clock. The sanitized water lets CO2 out of the carboy (and lots of it was exiting during peak fermentation as you’ll see by the bubbles) while not allowing any oxygen back into the beer. As the fermentation kicks off, you can see the temperature of the beer climb (watch the numbers slowly start lighting and moving to the right on the taped on thermometer) due to the yeast’s activity. After the bubbles slow down, you can watch the yeast cake slowly start building on the bottom of the carboy.

The next time I do this I’ll do it with a lighter beer!

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