Bell’s Black Note Stout

imageimageI tried Bell’s Black Note Stout for the first time today (my brother-in-law got his hands on several bottles and brought one over for Thanksgiving), and it was awesome! This is a limited edition beer put out by Bell’s Brewery (Kalamazoo, Michigan), in which they blend two of their stouts (Expedition and Double Cream) and age them in bourbon barrels. This had a really good subtle bourbon/oak taste to it, and it goes down very smooth. We had it with our Thanksgiving dinner, and it paired really well with the heavy food associated with the meal! ¬†In addition to a slight bourbon taste, you also taste hints of coffee and chocolate.

These bottles are apparently very hard to come by, and a bit on the pricey side, but if you can score one I would highly recommend you give it a try!  Thanks for the drink Brad!

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