You Can’t Buy, But You Can Try

People blog about all kinds of things, politics, sports, cats; so why can’t I blog about my beer?  This blog is meant to help friends and family see what is “on tap” at the Brew Haus, as well as to share my hobby with other beer enthusiasts out there.  If you have an interest in brewing, feel free to stop by the blog and see what I’m up to.  If you have brewing suggestions, I’m always open to new recipes, techniques, etc.  Since I’m a homebrewer, you obviously can’t buy my beers.  But if you want, you are always welcome to try a few (or more) with me (and chances are you’ll take a few more home)!

20131102-191532.jpgWhat you will find on my blog:

  • My beers
  • My brew days
  • Recipe’s I have brewed, would like to brew, or find really interesting
  • Commercial beer reviews and recommendations by me (and maybe guests – if you have an interest in sharing what you are drinking)
  • Websites and other content related to brewing
  • Occasional miscellaneous topics that may not exactly be related to beer, but interests me

What you won’t find on my blog:

  • Politics (we’ve all had more than our share of that)
  • Pictures of my kids (I try to keep those out of the public domain)
  • Pictures of my cats (my wife takes enough of those)

I hope you will follow the blog/site, and more importantly, that you’ll stop by for a Brew Haus drink (sooner or later)!


Updated: November 3, 2013 — 7:50 pm

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